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SATSANG means an encounter with Truth. It is the ancient way in which Wisdom was imparted from generation to generation. You only know Eduardo Serio as Papa Bear,  fighting 24/7 for the well being of his 500 kids and of his Mother, OUR PLANET. What you don't know about Eduardo is his biggest secret: He transcended the mind and realized Eternity 21 years ago thanks to his Three Masters: Osho, Dolano and the person that Eduardo calls his real Father (Not the biological one), whose name shall remain hidden as that was the arrangement between his real Father and Papa Bear. 

What you have come to know about Eduardo is one of his Masteries, The Art Of The Controlled Folly, and Eduardo is so good at it that sometimes he gets caught in the biggest dramas on the Planet (The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation.

Controlled Folly is knowing with our whole being, after transcending the mind, that nothing matters because we are all going to die, so whatsoever we do is pointless, but The Art Of The Controlled Folly is the Art of behaving as if things really matter.

You have seen him cry real tears for his Beloved Karmita, Alicito, Generalito, Onixita, Tianxia, Billito and his Beloved Little Labai, but Eduardo knows perfectly well that Death doesn't exist, so there's no reason to cry.

In one hand, everything that we do is pointless because our bodies are going to die, but on the other hand, Death doesn't exist. Do you see the paradox here? The only way to deal with this is through The Art Of The Controlled Folly, which mandates that we behave as if every little detail matters. This is called Impeccability in Eduardo's world; The Art of being impeccable regardless of the circumstances. But to Master this Art, you have to understand how the Universe works, and this is why Satsang came into being.

The name of this SATSANG created by Eduardo is "From Gossip To Gospel." Here we will discuss the South Fase of it.

SATSANG will be given for the very first time in history through internet in English to reach the most amount of people possible. It will be given through the best webinar platform available. 

FROM GOSSIP TO GOSPEL - SOUTH FASE consists of 16 videos that have been created in a specific order to bring you from the everyday and mundane mind all the way to Buddhahood.

SATSANG is not your everyday metaphysics or self improvement course. Satsang is the end of the road, it is meant for Humans that want to become responsible for their own actions regardless of their current state of being, and From Gossip To Gospel - SOUTH FASE is the crown jewel of 27 generations of Buddhas, both from the East and the West, that have served as Guardians Of The Sacred Knowledge until Existence gave them the Go Ahead to release IT.


-Introduction to No Mind, Mind and The Digital Optical Recorder
-Mind (With a capital M)
-No Mind
-mind (With lower case m) aka The Digital Optical Recorder

-Internal Dialogue
-Patterns And Routines
-Fear & Ambitions
-The Zombie Apocalypse :)

-What is Meditation? 
-24 hour life cycles
-Vipassana. Listening To The Sounds Of The World & The Desperate Breathing
-In The Beginning Was The Word

-The Mystery Of The Luminous Beings
-The Dreaming Body
-Duality Is A Bitch If You Can Not SEE


THIS IS SATSANG. This is not a how to get along better with your mother in law course or a talk to the Archangels degree. This is about you, you and you. Oh, and about you. There is no diploma or certification given. This is about remembering who you really are. Where you came from and where you are going to. Do you think that you came into being to study nonsensical stuff for twenty-something years in order to work like a mule for fifty years more only to die weak, bitter and defeated (With or without money)?

You are a child of Existence. You are a Buddha, you just forgot who you really are. You have been hypnotized by the mind since you were three or four years old so you don't have a point of comparison and only because the whole of Humanity suffers from the same malady, you think that it is Natural. It is normal, but not Natural. Very important to understand this difference.

SATSANG will be available starting on the Winter Solstice on December the 21st, 2020, but you can secure your place right now. And another beautiful thing is that your fee will go entirely to support our kids at the Foundation and it is tax deductible in the USA and Meshico (Yes, I spell it the right way, not Mexico). 

I have to tell you that there are no cancellations, refunds or anything like that. The 16 videos will be available for you to see at whatsoever time you want (Starting on December the 21st), but just like Sacred Music, they are Progressive, which means that they have to be watched in the order given to be able to understand them. The tallest skyscraper started by having its Foundations properly cemented. The same principle applies with your being.

ENLIGHTENMENT IS A KNACK. I am giving you absolutely all the concepts and skills that you need to realize it, plus I'm removing all the garbage that you have learned throughout your life in #PlanetStupid  Just follow the videos and you will acquire the key to leave this hell hole: TRUE UNDERSTANDING.

You will free your perception. You will transcend the mind and you will realize that you are Eternity itself. I've known real Humans that have practice Meditation techniques for at least 30 years without any results except getting sad and disappointed as time goes by. Don't get me wrong, Meditation Techniques can be wonderful but only if you get the knack of it. You will get the knack of it and instead of practicing Meditation techniques, you'll go straight to the source and reach the State Of Meditation. 

It happened to me, Papa Bear, who happened to be one of the biggest idiots that this world has ever seen. So if it happened to me It will happen to you. Again, just pay attention to the sixteen videos and then we'll each go our own way. 

"The Ancient Pond.
The Frog Jumps.
-- Master Basho 

Everybody talks about the power of the mind yet they don't know one percent of it because they have never transcended it. Imagine that you were born inside a prison and have never ever left it, how could you give an accurate description of the world if you have always been trapped inside that jail? This is exactly what happens when people talk about the mind. As far as I can see, there are three public beings that have transcended the mind (Obviously there are more but I don't know of them and there are way more that I know but they have decided to spend their lives in anonymity). You are reading one of those three that I mentioned above, the other two beings are Dolano in Puna, India, and Marco Antonio Karam from Casa Tibet, Mexico.

I only vouch for these two. If I were you I would go to any of these three Humans that I've mentioned and learn as much as possible from them as you can. I have no personal relationship with Dolano and Marco Antonio, but we represent the same Existential Truth.





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