What is Satsang? It is a place where an encounter with Truth occurs. There are trillions of relative truths, but there is only one Absolute Truth. When somebody trascends the mind, just like Eduardo did more than 15 years ago, one is able to “Understand” life’s purpose, and as a consequence, one is able to understand Death.

A lot of Humans from the past, present and future have trascended the mind, but not all of them have been able to explain what they are experimenting moment after moment. One thing is to realize the Absolute, and another thing is to explain IT. Eduardo Serio is one of those few beings that trascended the mind and at the same time is able to help his fellow Humans to trascend it themselves. This encounter with Truth is called Satsang.

After 13 years of not giving Satsang to an open public, it is time for Eduardo to describe the indescribable once again. These 4 sessions will take the listener to the point where he or she will not be able to deny the Absolute Truth anymore. Even though Satsang encompasses everything, Satsang will not be about The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, but at the end, it will be understood how Satsang is the engine that gave the world the Foundation. SATSANG WILL BE IMPARTED IN SPANISH.


Satsang consists of 4 talks:

SOUTH PHASE; Perception, the bubble than encompasses us.

Tuesday, November 19

1.- Introduction to the Universe. The Totality of Oneself.

Mind, No Mind and the digital-optical recorder.

Tuesday, November 26

2.- How the mind works.

Patterns, fears and internal dialogue.

Tuesday, December 3

3.- Silence. The one and only peace.

Techniques to realize it.

Tuesday, Decemeber 10

4.- Celebration.

Understanding the Modus Operandi of the Multiverse.



 1.-   The donation to assist to Satsang is of 300 US Dollars. No refunds of any kind.

2.-  Satsang consists of 4 different sessions. 1 session every week.

3.-  If you miss one session, you will not be able to continue Satsang and you will have to start over and do the donation once again. NO REFUNDS.

4.-  Satsang takes place at 8PM SHARP, the doors will be open at 7PM. Satsang will take place in the South part of Mexico City (Please read rules below)

5.-  If somebody is late, it’s only up to Eduardo Serio to see if you are allowed in. If you are not allowed in, you will not be able to continue and your donation WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

6.-  You will not be allowed to bring food and much less eat it during Satsang. This will be a reason to get expelled. NO REFUNDS

7.-  We ask you not to use perfume.

8.-  The use of cell phones or recording devices is strictly prohibited, and its use will be a reason for expulsion.

9.-  Satsang can last from 2 hours to 2 and a half hours.


11.- The session’s audio will be recorded by Eduardo Serio.

12.- Limited spaces.

13.- We’ll contact you via email to provide the address for Satsang.

14.- If you have a question, please write to us at: