Coloring Gorilla Youth V-Neck T-Shirt With Crayola Markers

Our new Coloring T-Shirt is our way to “Give Power Back To The People”. Remember that Papa Bear believes in a Universal drama, so in his eyes, since he is super controlling (As all of you know), this is his way of saying “Let the people do whatsoever they want with the T-Shirt of my kids”. A joke for you, but a huge step for him since honestly, he doesn’t let go. Now, besides this play that goes around 24/7 in his head, these T-Shirts are super super cool and they include 10 Crayola Fine Line Fabric Markers for you to paint your T-Shirt in whichever way you want, regardless if Papa Bear suffers a Heart attack or not. He’s super happy about these T-Shirts, but he wanted you to know that in Colorimetry, White contains all colors and Black is the absence of color. The Alpha and The Omega, just like Papa Bear’s wrist tattoos: From Achilles to Onix. Enjoy :)